Preparing your child for day care or preschool

Preparing your child for day care or preschool:

Life can be very expensive in today’s world, and it’s not uncommon for both husband and wife to work full-time jobs – ( day care or preschool ) especially when children are involved.

After the birth of a child, it is common practice for a new mother to stay at home to add new additions to her family.

But once the child is old enough, it may be time to start thinking about enrolling their child in day care so that mom can return to work.

Here are some helpful hints and tips for getting your child ready for day care or preschool.

Day care:

Encourage bonding with the caregiver No one can take the place of a child’s mother – but in your absence, a caregiver should be enough.

Help your child develop a good relationship with the caregiver to prevent separation anxiety.

It should be comforting for your child to know that her caregiver is there when you’re gone.

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Get your child used to the new routine:

If your child is suddenly in daycare for six hours a day, he may feel a little shaky. Slowly acclimate your child to the new day care or preschool,

routine by spending an hour or a few days at the daycare center before your child starts. Help her bond with caregivers and other children.

If she’s into something, let her do her thing until she needs you again. You will be able to observe firsthand how your child will handle being in day care.

Many day care centers, like this childcare center in Liberty, have small group sizes so that children can bond better with their caregiver.

Leave for a short period of time:

Your child has never been apart from you before—and leaving your child at daycare won’t be easy (for either of you).

Once your baby has settled in and is comfortable with her caregiver, start getting out of here for a few minutes at a time.

Say goodbye to her, leave, and come back when she stops crying. Don’t be tempted to come back before she stops crying, as this will lead her to believe that her crying will bring you back.

By staying away for a few minutes, she’ll know you’ll be back after you leave, and she’ll get used to these separations even if they grow longer.

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Create a partitioning routine:

Keeping your breakup routine intact will help make things easier and reduce tears. For example,

always tell her a story when you take her to daycare, then hold her, tell her you love her, and what time you’ll pick her up.

Hand her to the caretaker and leave with a steady gesture like giving her a kiss on the way out the door.

Saying goodbye should be comforting, but don’t make the breakup too drawn out and dramatic.

2. Help your child understand

It will be much easier for your child to cope with the separation if you explain and reassure her exactly what will happen when she goes to day care.

The key here is to emphasize that you will come back for her every day. Don’t worry about the fact that you’ll be

leaving her there every day, instead focus on all the fun she’ll have there with her caregiver and all the other kids.

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Going to kindergarten can be intimidating for children, even those who have been in day care.

Nothing seems to work for kids this age, so it’s important to have products for preschool fun for your child.

If your child hasn’t interacted much with other children up until now, involve her in social activities like tumbling class or music,

making activities like sharing, taking turns and sharing a little easier for her.

Take a lot of the mystery out of preschool by explaining to your child what to expect—where she’ll be going, who she’ll be with, and what she’ll be doing in class.

For the first few days, be ready enough in the morning, be at school on time and without any stress.

If things are done calmly, there will be less separation. Also, practice a goodbye ritual, such as a high five, thumbs-up or wink.

Leaving your child at day care or preschool is not only an emotional event for your child—it’s also for you.

Even if it’s easier for you, always make sure your baby doesn’t sneak up after you’ve dropped him off.

Instead, say good-bye nonchalantly (don’t tear!) and trust that she’ll probably do the same. Always keep your promise and pick up your child on time – every time.

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