Apple Watch Series 7 Hidden Features and Tricks in English


You guys just absolutely have to check out some of these damn cool features on the Apple Watch Series 7, apple watch

like assistive touch reflections, unleashing bias, and a bunch more.

New Features:

So one of the newest features is really cool and let’s just say you admit a communication on your watch, for illustration,

and you hit that reply button. You can now use this qwerty keyboard to reply and, although each letter is enough bitsy,

it’s still really good at predicting what it’s you’re trying tosay.However, you can still use the swiping one to type out what it’s you’d like to say, but overall, If you don’t like that system.

Magic Gestures:

So one of the most mind-blowing goods of the series 7 is that you can control the entire watch without indeed touching it.

this iscrazy.However, it activates a commodity called assistive touch where you can actually use handgrips or pinches to navigate your entire watch,

If you grip your hand twice likethis.However, you can indeed spark this mouse cursor which you navigate by rotating your wrist, If that wasn’t crazy enough.

This point actually blew my mind and you surely have to try this one eschewal. For yourself, but do make sure you spark it first within the watch settings in the vacuitysection.

scroll down until you see”assistive touch,”once you tap on that, you can just toggle it on and you’re good to go. When you grip twice, it activates assistive touch.

When you grip formerly, it makes a selection. So you do kind of have to get familiar with the prompts,

but you do start to remember them fairlysnappily.However, I actually don’t know what is, but either way, If that isn’t freaking cool.

New Watch Faces:

Everyone loves a good new watch face, and Apple has a lot of cool bones with the new series seven.

They significantly brought out four new bones, similar as this depiction one and the world time one, so depending on what type of style you like, there are a lot of different bones to choose from, but I must admit,

a huge favour of mine is the emoji bones, where you can choose a character that Apple has preliminarily made notorious Or indeed your own memoji and they’re constantly amped on your watch,

which just makes it so cool. There is also this modular brace where you can choose from the different complications, so if you’re someone who likes a lot of information on their watch face,

you can choose from a whole whack of complications like spotify, for illustration.
And also there’s another cool little trick if you take two galettes andclick and hold on the watch face,

you’ll get a commodity like downfall, so in the future, when you want to briskly and easily pierce your spotify and jam some warbles, you’re good to go.

Unleash Iphone and iMac:

Another great point of this watch is that you can kind of use it as a particular unleashing machine. As multitudinous of you presumably know by now,

you can not unleash your iPhone if you have a face maskon.However, you can easily unleash your phone while having a face mask on,

If you’ve got an Apple Watch. All you’ve got to try to to is confirm this is often enabled within the face id and passcode settings. Make sure to handpick your watch.

Still, you can also do this with any of your Apple computers, so if I click the space bar while my watch is on,

If you are wearing your Apple Watch. ahead, handpick your watch, pop in your rear word, and that’s it.

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Find my stuff:

Did you know you can find every single bone of your apple products like your air labels, your airpods, your iphone and indeed your imac just by using your apple watch?

So if you’re in the main menu and want to find your air labels, you click on this little icon and right over there is a list of all your air labels.

Once you’ve named one, scroll to the bottom, hit that play sound and in seconds your airtag should start making a noise.

Also, click on this app if you want to find any of your apple bias, like your ipad airpods or your iphone, and again,

click on the play sound. Give it a couple of seconds and whatever it’s you’re looking for should start making a sound, like my airpods, for illustration,

which I am always losing. It’s actually so much easier to chance goods with my watch and also if you have any buddies or family members, you can track now.

Nifty Tips:

We’ve got to talk about this reflect point within the apprehensive app because it’s somesmerizing.

However, once you begin reflecting, this implausible visual appears on your watch to just help you get through the moment and feel, If you click on that reflect option.

Also, did you know that within the timer’s operation, you can actually set multiple timers? If you scroll down means, custom option where you can choose whatever timer you’d like to set.

Also, click launch and you can keep creating as multitudinous times as you’d like and you’ll see them each right over there.

Also, the gallery operation on the Apple Watch got an important overhaul. It looks so important nicer in my opinion and indeed has some albums.

Once you’ve named your anthology, you can zoom in or out of the cinema by using the crown, or you can go ahead and just scroll.

Remote Camera:

So one of the coolest and most instigative features on the Apple Watch is that you can control your iPhone’s camera.

It’s super duper simple to do. All you do is access the main menu. For instance, if you click on those three blotches,

you can acclimate a bunch of different settings right on your watch, like setting the three alternate timekeepers, for example, and once you click that shutter button,

your phone will start counting down You do need to acclimate the modes on your phone, like to videotape mode, for illustration, but again, if you click the record button, you can also go ahead,stand in frame and do your thing.

The apple watch indeed doubles up as a vlogging viewfinder. If you put it on your iphone like this and hit that record button, you can record yourself with ease and make sure everything stays in frame.

This is by far one of the coolest effects I have ever done with my apple watch and you guys have surely try.

Bedside Clock:

Now I seriously love this simple point and I use it every single day of my life. In settings under general,

if you scroll down and see nightstand mode, make sure to tap on that and also toggle on nightstand mode because now

what happens is when you go ahead and place your apple watch on its bowl or stand like this bone, for illustration, this little bedside timepiece appears on your watch face.

If you click on that little icon, it shows you your battery chance. If your watch goes to sleep, just tap the table and you can incontinently see the time.

Nightstand mode also works in geography, so whichever you prefer is perfect, but I just love this little knocking point.

Walkie Talkie:

So you may or may not know this bone, but with a microphone and a speaker you can do some pretty cool effects,

within the main menu if you go ahead and click the walkie-documentary app, scroll right down to the bottom, and then you can add other musketeers who also have apple watches,

now no matter where your musketeers are in the entire world, you can just walkie-documentary them incontinently.

Focus Modes:

Did you know if you swipe up to the control centre on your apple watch and click on focus modes and elect one,

it will automatically change your entire phone over to that focus mode, so whether it’s the focus mode you use when driving or when you are going to bed,

you no longer need to whip your iPhone out to change it over. You can just do it all from your watch and, as you can see, there is absolutely no difference to your focus modes.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for your support, and keep an eye out for more.

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