IPL 2022: How CSK fare on Day 1 of the Auction? In English

IPL 2022: How CSK fare on Day 1 of the Auction? In English :

Chennai (CSK) :

let’s just start with chennai of course, we’re going to start with chennai this is what their team is looking like their their four retentions ms tony, Ravinder jadeja, morin, they’ve added all most of their exes back a lot of their
exes back in fact.


uh kmsif was also with them wasn’t he arsha kmasim is with them, dwayne, bravo, robin they just they don’t want to fit anybody
for new jerseys do they uh.

where was tushar deshpande last year i’m trying to remember he please do otherwise there is nobody else he’s nobody else who wasn’t in csk last year.

Feeling Sad :

what they’re feeling sad about if you go to that twitter handle whatever is that there in mourning about not being able to retain flop to play sea,

but i think i still think they have some work to do you know they’ve only got two overseas players, now i was hearing what
dooley was saying at the top i think,

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Players Day Vs Team Day :

today was a player’s day at the auction tomorrow is the team’s day at the auction, because they’re going to get who
they want at good prices.

nice and duly that’s something that chennai and mumbai both do really welld don’tthey yeah they do they do it very well.

i mean it’s still got 20 um you know 20.4 crore available to them two overseas in the squad. so i don’t know whether they’ll go for eight overseas unless they get a couple of bargains, they might you might see them go for six maybe seven.

Indian Point Of Views :

what do they need from an indian point
of view maybe one more quality middle order batsman um another quick bowler and then they can fill the rest of those spots with some some, genuinely talented overseas players and
there’s a lot.

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Both Side Talent :

i was just having a look through the list there’s a huge amount of talent coming through both sides of it, um you know the indian side of it and the overseas side of it tomorrow.

so there will be some bargains i just feel that some of those players won’t feel quite as good about the money they’re getting tomorrow compared to some of the ones that got it today.

joy i mean chennai, i mean they went after deepak chair, we all expected them to go after
uh you know deepak or chardon maybe both.
uh but at this price well they never pushed the envelope beyond ten crores at an auction.

Upgraded Software :

so today they have uh they’ve seen something new some upgraded software from chennai’s thinking absolutely, they i think they they did
what they could and they went after all their players and from faf onwards.

they went after all their players they wanted
to retain unfortunately they couldn’t retain that much and look that is one of the curses of success in the ipl if you’re a successful franchise people will cherry pick your guys and they’ll go for more money later.

and that’s that’s what’s happened other people have seen what these guys have done they picked up their guys and they’ve just not been able to retain them and deepak they would have turned on and said great buy.

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but they would have hoped they got it for a bit cheaper than 14 crores because that’s really really cut into their budget for a lot of other stuff. so you know i think retaining deep chair was an op was one of those things that they had to do.

but i think they paid just a little bit too much for it i said they need another they need another opening batsman, because robin is really at this stage a part-time opening batch sort of will
give you a few games maybe not 14 games,

Fast Bowler :

they need more fast bowlers in the market for a lot of overseas players tomorrow yeah uh shahrukh khan is one they were going after tv was another one they were going after they’ve got ms dhoni and ravinder jadeja, two of you know the really good finishers. so couldn’t u understand why they were wanting another

finisher, there but that’s what they were going for it wasn’t to be for them though but they have of course today the headline for chennai has been they’ve got deepak chahar back at a whopping 14 crores one of the highest prices today. Thank you.

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